[About Us]

How we began and what we believe in.

Our Vision:

To help companies discover new growth opportunities by leveraging the power of innovative thinking and new technologies. To empower business leaders by seeking out the most relevant technologies to help them reach their goals faster with less risk.

Our Values:

Collaborative Innovation

We believe that innovation is for everyone, not just start-ups. It’s time for companies to start making the most of the innovative thinking that is already out there.

Collaborative Growth

We are invested in your success and growth. We believe there is such a thing as a win-win situation. We share your objectives and your vision to grow your next great business opportunity. Innovation makes this possible.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in working with the best technology companies out there to help you realize your business objectives.

Our Mission is to help you reach higher.

Agile Tech is giving companies the flexibility and confidence to go further.


Meet Steven Milstein, Chief Innovation Officer

Armed with over 30 years experience in Information Technology (IT) business and online learning systems, from Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to enterprises, Steven has done it all (almost!). From coding to development team lead, from business analyst to product manager he saw the challenges and opportunities that companies were dealing with first-hand.

Coupling this with over 10 years in startup life, from dot com co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to community organizer and startup evangelist, he saw a unique opportunity - to bring the power, agility and innovation of modular technologies to established businesses.

Why Collab.Ventures?


We find the most relevant software labs, technologies and motivated people to help you reach your business objectives.


We bridge the gap between your business and exciting new technology products, methodologies and thought leaders. We collaborate and align everyone’s interests, so everyone can achieve their goals.


We explore new opportunities and are with you for every step of the journey.

Controlled Disruption allows businesses
to stay competitive in a digital era
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