5 Blockchain Trends Everyone Should Know About | Forbes

More Investment Opportunities Not just in quirky, unknown cryptocurrencies with unproven use cases – blockchain technology makes it possible to offer and track investments in a whole range of asset classes that traditionally have been the preserve of institutional investors and the wealthy. For example, tokenization lowers the bar to entry for investment in property,…

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We Asked 66 Startups Just How Bad This Crypto Winter Has Been – CoinDesk

Treasury management There were a variety of ways to go “long” on crypto yet avoid exposure. One dominant strategy: don’t do an initial coin offering (ICO). In short, the prevailing wisdom is companies should build for crypto without exposing their payroll and rent money to its volatility. One advantage to going the route of traditional…

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Terence Corcoran: Blockchain’s groundbreaking, world-shaking, life-changing technology revolution has been cancelled | Financial Post

The biggest obstacle to widespread blockchain adoption, says Higginson, is what business theorists call “co-opetition,” a fancy word referring to when competitive companies and industries agree to share information. Getting there is a problem. “Resolving the co-opetition paradox and clearing a path to majority adoption seems like the most important obstacle,” said Higginson. Due to the co-opetition problem, the implementation of blockchain pilots is “plagued by either a single player pushing their monopoly solution” or there is “no single organization taking the lead to invest sufficiently to move from pilot to enterprise-scale implementation.”

Source: Terence Corcoran: Blockchain’s groundbreaking, world-shaking, life-changing technology revolution has been cancelled | Financial Post, Terence Corcoran, January 9, 2019

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What Honeywell’s Ecommerce Platform Means For Blockchain In Aviation | Forbes

In 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration accused the American Airlines of committing maintenance fraud. The issue was reported by mechanics working in American Airlines who noticed “aircraft maintenance discrepancies in accordance with required manuals, procedures and the Federal Aviation Regulations.” If a blockchain technology was adopted, chances for such deviations could be minimal (if not…

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McKinsey & Company: Blockchain Technology Isn’t Living Up to the Hype – Bitcoinist.com

Meanwhile, McKinsey & Company, considers blockchain technology to have practical value in other areas. Examples are found in insurance, supply chains, and capital markets, in which distributed ledgers can tackle pain points including inefficiency, process opacity, and fraud. Source: McKinsey & Company: Blockchain Technology Isn’t Living Up to the Hype – Bitcoinist.com, Georgi Georgiev |…

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Blockchain altering ag commodities trading

“Do you really need the Merc (the Chicago Mercantile Exchange)? Do you really need people doing that trading? It could become commodity trading without commodity traders. You can trade commodities and have proof positive that you bought it, you hedged it, you transferred it and it’s gone to the warehouse, all done from your desk, and its data you can trust,” Kennedy said

Source: Blockchain altering ag commodities trading, John Hart | December 05, 2018

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How Blockchain Is Changing Computer Gaming

Player ownership of game assets is one core area. In traditional video games, in-game items and player characters are owned by game developers. They, and the games, are often run on servers. Storing the items and characters on the blockchain allows for a decentralized, immutable record of ownership that can be separate from the gaming company and its servers.

This, in turn, can help make in-game virtual assets more valuable, liquid, and worth collecting, as players in essence own the virtual items. Trading in-game virtual assets on the blockchain through smart contracts allows for peer-to-peer transactions that can be accessed by anyone on the blockchain, negating the need for centralized control. At the same time, it removes some of the issues connected to fraud.

Source: How Blockchain Is Changing Computer Gaming, Marc Prosser, December 01, 2018

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Don’t Throw the Blockchain Babies out with the Bathwater

We’ve demonstrated time and time again that with enough human and financial capital and time, we can overcome great technical challenges. Gartner talks about how, over time and at the end of a hype cycle, a productive equilibrium is ultimately reached. Well-funded pioneers are hard at work to create something truly meaningful and useful with the technology. But it will take time. Wise leaders will change their perspective to look past the noise in the space to uncover the work of true consequence that is well underway today.

Source: Don’t Throw the Blockchain Babies out with the Bathwater, Alison McCauley, November 18, 2018

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