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Learn how Controlled Disruption can help your business.

What is Controlled Disruption?

Imagine if the world’s first movie streaming service was actually started by a video rental company. What would the face of the video rental industry look like now?

By segmenting part of their business using innovative thinking they could have controlled the threat to their business and maintained their Leader status.
This is what we call “Controlled Disruption”.

Collab.Ventures philosophy

Disruption doesn’t mean you suddenly have to change your business model.

It means you have to evolve it.

How does it work?

We harness the power of innovative thinkers and their proven technologies to help business Leaders explore new opportunities and create new markets mitigating much of the high risk or cost.

Our Approach

We take an innovative approach to
creating new business opportunities.

Phase 1 [imagine]

exploring - mapping - planning

  • exploring

We take an innovative approach to creating new business opportunities.

  • mapping

We find the most relevant software labs, technologies and motivated people to help you reach your business objectives.

  • planning

We build a roadmap to help you reach these new opportunities and markets.

Phase 2 [grow]

realization - growth

  • realization

Based on the roadmap we find innovative, proven technologies to build a low-risk, agile, iterative solution to realize your plan.

  • growth

We measure results throughout the process, adapt to new scenarios and adjust as necessary to ensure you reach your growth objectives and deliver on these new opportunities and markets.

Phase 3 [repeat]

new explorations

  • new explorations

Now that your business has grown by developing new markets it’s time to imagine the next great opportunity for growth.

Your next big opportunity is calling.

Ready to take the next step to growing your business?

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