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Take a look at Louis Vuitton’s new collection of video game clothes, a collaboration with ‘League of Legends’ that includes a $5,000 leather jacket | Business Insider

For the person who has everything, maybe a $US5,000 League of Legends Louis Vuitton leather jacket is the perfect gift this holiday season. Source: Take a look at Louis Vuitton’s new collection of video game clothes, a collaboration with ‘League of Legends’ that includes a $5,000 leather jacket | Business Insider, Mary Meisenzahl,  Dec 10,…

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Blockchain’s Real-Time Payments Use Case |

By Interac - Interac Brand Guidelines, Attribution,

For a three-month pilot that ended in May, he said, Interac worked with Alectra Utilities to offer real-time disbursements to consumers using Interac e-Transfer (Canada’s leading P2P and B2B digital money movement service). Roque said Alectra made the offers to several consumers and, by using blockchain, was able to “incentivize” consumers based on their “climate-friendly”…

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Blockchain is dead – Chris Skinner’s blog

In other words, she’s calling it as it is. If you need a blockchain, it is for a very specific need. That need is to share a database of records with people you do not trust. The records need access and updating by everyone, and yet you do not trust any of them and so…

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Token Bonding Curves in Practice – Token Economy

Exploring A Universal Distribution of IP via NFTs + Curation Markets Token Curated Intellectual Property. The goal of the proposed design mechanism is to distribute risk, reward and ownership of intellectual assets and enable market participants to make early research and development stages liquid and tradable. Source: Token Bonding Curves in Practice – Token Economy,…

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Desire Paths & Markets for Recommendation – Simon de la Rouviere – Medium

By viewing curation markets not as the truth, but as a market for recommendations we can have these protocols serve the users, rather the users serving the protocol: starting tomorrow. In this variation in mechanism design, the aspect of using crypto-economics to curate information serves to produce recommendations, rather than it being regarded as the…

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Verified Curation Markets & Graduating Token Bonding Curves

One of the struggles of remote, open source coding is that if there’s not a key product manager, it’s hard to figure out how to prioritise tasks. A “Recommendation Market” on issues could be extremely meaningful in this context, allowing participants to rank features, issues and bugs. A maintainer could pick and choose to graduate…

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Introducing Curation Markets: Trade Popularity of Memes & Information (with code)!

Curation Markets is a model that allows groups to more effectively coordinate & earn from value they co-create around shared goals. Assume that Truffle (an open source development framework for Ethereum) has an associated curation market. Its users can mint and coordinate around a token that is used to curate new features (in the sub-topic #truffle.features).…

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783: Monax – The Public Beta Legal Blockchain-Based Platform

The Monax Platform is a contract lifecycle management tool which allows consumers to easily procure lawyer-tested agreements and stay in full control of their business contracting. Harnessing a unique combination of active agreements, blockchain technology, and a business process modeling engine, the platform is designed to move business legal obligations into the networked world. Source:…

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$66 Million Building to Be Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain in Record Deal – CoinDesk

  A security token merely means an issuer is selling a crypto token in compliance with securities laws. But with a tokenized security, “it’s a whole different world,” where blockchain technology gives investors an unprecedented level of transparency, said O’Meara, chairman and chief executive officer of Inveniam Capital Partners (ICP). ICP is about to put…

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