Curation Markets is a model that allows groups to more effectively coordinate & earn from value they co-create around shared goals.

Assume that Truffle (an open source development framework for Ethereum) has an associated curation market.

Its users can mint and coordinate around a token that is used to curate new features (in the sub-topic #truffle.features).

A simple, curation signal would be as follows:

“In the topic, #truffle.features, curator 0x42b… has backed with their tokens, to include ‘Solidity Testing’ in the new version.

Their backing amounts to 80%. There are 100 #truffle tokens overall backed to curators in the #truffle.features topic, and curator 0x42b has 80 tokens backed in the sub-topic.”

These signals can be interpreted by applications to display this information in different ways (like how Reddit interprets upvotes and ranks it accordingly with their own algorithms).

Source: Introducing Curation Markets: Trade Popularity of Memes & Information (with code)!, Simon de la Rouviere, May 22, 2017