“While the digitization of copyrighted songs themselves is nothing new through platforms such as Grokster, Napster, and iTunes, what is new and very exciting for copyright owners is the vast potential by which blockchain technology may soon be able to create a workable digital footprint that would assist in better enforcement of unauthorized digital uses that continue to proliferate in the wild, wild west of the internet, particularly with respect to social media sites. The blockchain footprint would also be immensely helpful for other artists, filmmakers, producers, and anyone who wants to find information relevant for licensing—the name of the song, the artist who wrote the song, the year it was produced, and who currently owns the rights to the song.”

Without this new and emerging technology, it is nearly impossible for artists and/or their attorneys to easily access this information, even with today’s existing technology. By digitizing IP rights and moving them onto the Blockchain and a distributed ledger, we can effectively secure and protect creators’ rights, while making them publicly accessible, turning them into “smart IP rights”.

Source: How Can We Make Intellectual Property Rights ‘Smarter’ With The Blockchain? | Forbes, Andrew Rossow, July 24, 2018,

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The project will take NDAs and place key identifier information onto the Integra permissioned blockchain; for example, the names of the parties, companies involved and other information that may need to be shared according to the non-disclosure document. This will provide a secure, single version of truth for the NDA. IBM Watson’s AI technology will then be applied to deliver insight into that data, covering legal and business intelligence issues.

Source: IBM + Integra Ledger Launch World NDA Project in Global First, 27th November 2017

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For the great majority of the next generation of more complex blockchain and token based projects (BTP), a form of human-based and fiduciary consensus must be envisioned and segmented at the entity level as well, i.e., at the level of the entity that oversees the development and adoption of the technology, its ecosystem, and the interactions amongst its participants.

Source: ICO Structures: Overlooking Governance and Corporate-like Consensus Mechanisms Can have Harsh…, Fred Dionne, November 18, 2017

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Japan is a tech-savvy nation whose elected officials have a better appreciation of the transformative power of emerging technologies than most. It follows that the more digitally-inclined countries should be among the first to embrace cryptocurrency. In Europe, Estonia, with its e-Residency digital passports, is another country that’s been positive towards cryptocurrency.

Source: Japan Teaches Western Governments a Lesson in Cryptocurrency Regulation – Bitcoin News, Kai Sedgwick, November 13, 2017

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Giving users a stake in their own data does much to ensure that the data itself is more pertinent, and more organized for those who need it. This notion is integral in retail, which is increasingly reliant on the ability to find users who are spread over many different applications, physical locales, and rungs on the financial ladder. While a few companies can already comprehend the degree of change that their industry is about to experience, like so many asset trading brokers, shoppers too will be caught be caught by surprise when blockchain-based retail services take over their phones, but it will undoubtedly be a delightful one.

Source: How retailers can use Blockchain to get granular | TNW, Andrei Tiburca, November 08, 2017

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“It’s a tool, and you have to apply it to the right set of problems,” he said. “What it tends to be very good for is knowing who owns what and when,” Cascarilla added. “It’s not a magic bullet.”

“There’s a lot of fraud in food origins, especially now that it’s hot,” Myran said. “People say ‘this is local,’ or ‘this is organic,’ or ‘this is grown using certain practices.’ With this system, you can prove it.”

Source: Someone Figured Out How to Put Tomatoes on a Blockchain – Bloomberg, Annie Massa
November 9, 2017

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“The stark reality of open-source projects is that most are abandoned or do not achieve meaningful scale. Unfortunately, blockchain is not immune to this reality. Our analysis found that only 8 percent of projects are active, which we define as being updated at least once in the last six months.”

The authors add that organizations are a “positive differentiator” in the data, saying “while 7 percent of projects developed by users are active, 15 percent of projects developed by organizations are active.”

Source: Deloitte Report: Over 26,000 Blockchain Projects Began in 2016 – CoinDesk, Stan Higgins, November 8, 2017 at 13:30 UTC

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“Blockchain is rapidly becoming a world leading technology enabling the assured exchange of value in both digital and tangible assets, while protecting privacy and eliminating fraud,” the proposal reads. “Its relevance to regulating cannabis is similar to its many chain of custody applications in areas such as pharmaceutical distribution and food chains.”

Source: IBM wants Canada to blockchainify its weed industry, Mix, November 6, 2017

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“I think this is the biggest innovation in computer science in a generation. For the first time in history, people everywhere can trust each other and transact peer-to-peer,” he said. “And trust is not achieved by counterparties and middlemen — trust is achieved by cryptography, by collaboration and by some very clever code.”

“Talk to your CTO, CFO and CIO and see if they are working on this”

Source: Blockchain will disrupt the world of in-house counsel | Canadian Lawyer Mag, Jennifer Brown, October 17, 2017

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Furthermore, customers have access to over 5,000 jets domestically and roughly 15,000 across the globe. The company allowing bitcoin transactions may now open up a new realm of possibilities for the company along with a new customer base.

Along with accepting bitcoin, these steps seem geared toward increasing the profitability of the company and keeping it competitive in the digital age.

Source: Star Jets International Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments – Bitcoin News, October 20, 2017, Sterlin Lujan

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